Citadel Oral & Facial Surgery

Post-Operative Problems

If this is not a clinical question pertaining directly to your procedure, if you have not had a procedure, or if it is an insurance-related question, please refer to the general Contact Information found here.


If you feel you may have a life-threatening medical emergency, such as severe uncontrollable bleeding, please proceed directly to the nearest Emergency Room facility and/or active EMS by calling 911.

In this situation, please also contact us as soon as feasible, but do not delay seeking and obtaining the emergency care.

Please review this web site carefully for the post-op instructions, found under the ‘Instructions for Patients’ tab above, and any information our office may have given you at the time of your procedure. There is valuable information here that will answer many of your questions, or at least help you describe your problem.

If your surgery was performed at one of our satellite offices, you may find it most convenient to contact that office directly for relatively minor post-operative problems related to tooth extractions or other minor oral surgical procedures. In many cases your family dentist may see you in a timely fashion and be able to handle many minor problems, which you may find more convenient. However, we always welcome your calls and will be willing to see you at one of our offices if preferred. See below for instructions.

If your surgery was performed at our main offices, Dartmouth or Halifax, or if you underwent a complex procedure (such as orthognathic , reconstructive, or cosmetic surgery) your best plan would be to contact us directly at 902-442-9720 as described below:

Working Days (7:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday)

Call us at 902-442-9720 and follow the directions to speak with somebody about post-operative problems. If nobody is immediately available to answer your call due to caring for other patients, please leave a message. Please await a return call unless your situation is urgent. However, if you do not receive a return call within several hours, the office may be closed or there may be a technical problem preventing your message from being received. Though we hope this will not occur to you, in these circumstance you may wish to either try calling again or proceed with trying to contact the on-call surgeon as described below.

After-Hours, Weekends, Holidays, Office Closures

There is a Citadel Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon call service. If you have a significant problem or concern, call our emergency call service at 902-442-9720. Ensure you have your particular surgeon’s name, date of procedure and the procedure performed ready to relay on the phone. The service communicates the information and, pending surgeon availability, you will be contacted. Please note that full 24-hour coverage may not be available in all situations. If your situation is of an urgent nature, proceed to a local emergency room.

Again, we take your care following surgery very important to us. Should you have any significant difficulties or concern regarding the contact of our offices or emergency contact of the on-call surgeon, please let us know so we may continue to improve and help prevent similar problems in the future.